Top Ten Ways Blacks Keep Racism Alive

Why do black racists want and need racism kept alive?

There is a carload of cash to be made and a ponderous pile of political power to be wielded.  Just ask Jesse Jackson, Al Shaprton, Louis Farrakhan, the Congressional Black Caucus, fascist Hollywood and the 'Fake News' Media.

Here are ten hints you're facing a race hustle:
  1. Victimhood invokes false sympathy. Sympathy used to control and ridicule.
  2. Identity Politics.  Blacks vote for blacks, whether incompetent or even criminal.
  3. Racism Everywhere/Always.  The false idea all blacks are victims of racism always.
  4. Reparations. False idea that blacks alive today are owed cash for slavery. 
  5. Reverse Racism. False idea that blacks can never be racist.
  6. Ignore Reality.  Blacks use the past to justify acting badly in the present.
  7. White Privilege.  False idea whites get preferences when in fact the opposite is true.
  8. White Guilt. Left wing whites swill in self-flagellating guilt...for them it's better than sex.
  9. Segregation. Ironically blacks are demanding to be segregated from whites now.
  10. Whitepeople.  The word contraction blacks use to demean and denigrate.
Obama's presidency was by all measure a complete waste of money and time.  But Obama did manage to re-light the cold war and re-divide the country along racial lines.