States: 5 Best, 5 Worst

If Democrats are so smart why do they run their states into the ground?  Is it intentional? 

The annual survey of states from the investment advisors at 24/7 Wall St. shows the GOP run states are on top, again.  And the bumbling blue states are sucking hind teat, again.

North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Iowa, and Texas
Connecticut, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and 50th Illinois.
So where's California?  Three years ago they were 50th, but thanks to Silicon Valley they are 16th this year.  California still has the highest taxes, most debt, 2nd worst credit rating, most illegals, most poverty, most on food stamps and worst schools.  But sugar-daddy tech keeps them in beans while they manage to screw everything else up.