'If They Are Here Illegally, I Won't Teach Them'

Hawaii almost had a hero. 

Campbell high school teacher John Sullivan penned an email responding to another one sent by a school counselor about stats on students staying home from school due to deportation fears.

Sullivan wrote, "This is another attack on the President over deportation. Their parents need to apply for immigration like everyone else.  If they are here in the US illegally, I won't teach them."

And that's when the proverbial poop hit the principal.

Superintendent Jon Henry Lee shoved the school rules governing the use of the department's email system into Sullivan's face.   Then lectured the panicky pedagogue,  "I just reminded him again that we don't discriminate against any individuals, we're going to service all students that are registered in our school."

So Sullivan predictably now says he's misunderstood.  "My comment in the email refers to (the email's title) if students is (sic) kept home, teachers cannot teach them."

The problem?  Sullivan was right and the school wrong.  Illegals do not belong in our schools!