College Leftists Plan War

The University of Central Florida (UCF) flyer reads: “Ladies: The Commander in thief is a sexual predator and rapist, he has normalized sexual assault and it is expected that sexual violence against women is going to skyrocket in the next 12 months. Please join us! There will be other women there for you to spar against!”

The demagogues sending out the flyer call themselves the "Knights for Socialism."  Their "meeting" featured an amateur boxer ready to instruct "everyone except Republicans" how to "Bash the Fash (urban slang for Fascist Skinheads)."

The premise is to train the animals how to physically attack Trump supporters

These leftists were last in the streets in the 60s rioting against Democrat Lyndon Johnson and the Vietnam War.  Those malcontents became the college professors who coached the current crop of fascist turds.