California's 42% Gas Tax Hike

California is 'owned' by the Democrat Party.   Tax collections in the dying state have gone up 50% across the board in nine years.

Yet the state has more debt than any other - about $80 billion bucks in unfunded pensions.  And the current budget is in the red by $1.6 billion.

The solution?  Despite sporting the highest personal tax rates of 13.3% and the 6th highest corporate tax rate of 8.8% Jerry 'Moonbeam' Brown wants to spike gas taxes 42% and annual vehicle registration fees 141%!

Seems the California Public Employees Pension Fund (CALPERS) is going broke and Brown needs the money to prop-up over-paid civil servants.

California folks, need we say more?  How about:  High-Speed Rail Now Over Budget, Behind Schedule.