Women Aborting Women

Abortion.  Either the holocaust of our times or the enlightenment of our times.  Which you chose depends on your viewpoint and your level of cynicism.

Since the SCOTUS Roe .v. Wade decision in 1973 over 60 million legal abortions have been performed in the USA.  Worldwide the number skyrockets to  1.5 billion.

So since it's now possible to cheaply determine the gender a fetus, how about dumping the kid because it's a girl?

The UN says more than 200 million women are “demographically missing” in the world today due to sex-selective abortion.  Stated more simply, more women have been erased before first-breath than the number of people (soldiers and civilians) killed in every war in the 20th century.

Ah, but it's okay.  Women have a right to kill women, right?