Mattress Snags Cheaters

Are you sharing a bed with someone dumb enough to play hide-the-salami on your own bed?

Listen up homies; a little tech and your cell phone is all you need to ensnare the scoundrel.

Spain is home to the most cheaters so a Spanish company invented the “Lover Detection Mattress.”  The bed looks tame except it's chock full of concealed sensors ready to detect "sexual motions," and fire-off a tattle-tale-call to your cell phone.

The product was subjected to jumping dogs, cats, kids, assorted farm animals and clowns - you know, to make sure no false alarms go out.

The good news is the bed works as advertised....the bad news is the bed will end your marriage faster than one legged cat tryin' to bury a turd in a litter box strapped to the bumper of a city bus.