Doggie Decadence

Chihuahua Queenie has $30,000 in canine couture.  No. The dog didn't inherit money from some wretched recluse who pissed away a fortune on a pint-sized pet, nor is Queenie a real Queen.

“I spend way more money on Queenie and her wardrobe than I do on myself,” says the 50-year-old running Licks of London...clothes for canines.

“I just can’t help myself and when I can, I make sure we’re matching even when it comes to her poo [shit] bags,” admits Ms. Josephine Carter.


“Queenie has the highest-end beauty products including her toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and doggy nail varnish,” gloats Carter.

Sure, sure...there's starving kids in S. America and what!