PTSD From Sex Games

War is hell and so are sex games...

Nassau County Democrat Jeffrey Stein is the DA's chief admin officer and is in the middle of a 'sticky' and somewhat public divorce proceeding.

Stein's estranged wife, Carole Mundy, says she suffers from PTSD due to her soon-to-be-ex's sexual antics.

Mundy says Stein favored kinky role-playing where Stein dressed like a “sissy maid” and called himself “Jessica."

Mundy's details from the divorce petition; “Husband wore an anal plug with a horse tail and pretended to be a horse by galloping around the marital residence," and pretended to be a cat who “used [a] litter box and cleaned himself” and wanted Mundy to walk him on a leash.

Stein refuses to comment.  Wonder why?