50 Myths Unmasked

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me: 
  1. The Great Wall Of China is NOT visible from the moon
  2. Most of your body heat does NOT escape through your head
  3. Coffee is NOT a bean, it's a seed
  4. Mt. Everest is higher than all mountains but NOT tallest
  5. Peanuts are NOT a nut they are a Legume like a bean or pea
  6. Sushi does NOT mean raw fish, it means 'sour taste'
  7. The Bible does NOT mention an apple as the forbidden fruit
  8. Toilets do NOT flush in opposite direction N v S hemisphere
  9. We use 100% of the brain, NOT 10%
  10. Bats are NOT blind
  11. Bulls do NOT see red, only blue and yellow
  12. Frankenstein was the name of the doctor, NOT the monster
  13. Einstein was excellent in math and once wanted to teach the subject
  14. Tomatoes are a fruit NOT a vegetable
  15. Microwaves do NOT give you cancer...they're far to weak
Slow news day folks.  Enjoy.