Obama: ‘I Came Up with Health Care’

Obama hosted a bunch of five-year-old Kindergartners at a science fair held in the White House today.

While the kids were churning out their invention ideas one of the little girls asked Obama, 'What did you come up with?'

Without hesitation Obama spurted, 'You know, I came up with things like health care — it turned out OK...'

Far too young to know better the tiny tyke accepted his answer with a smile.  Sorta like Obama voters in general.

So let's take a look at Obama's 'invention' on it's fifth anniversay today:
  1. Premiums Have Jumped 24.4% Higher Than Had ObamaCare Not Existed
  2. 1232 Private Market Insurers Left Market Now There Are Only 310
  3. Obamacare Adds $1.2 Trillion To The Deficit
  4. Media and White House Lies About Number Enrolled And Paying
  5. ObamaCare’s Deductibles Are Killing Families
  6. Based On Insuring The Uninsured Just 3 of the 40 Million Uninsured Enrolled
  7. Delayed Employer Mandate Will Have Largest Destructive Effect
  8. 80% Of Enrolled Are On Subsidized Plans, Half Of Those Have Paid No Premium
  9. SCOTUS May Nullify Subsidies In Non Exchange States Wiping Out 50% Of Enrollees
  10. IRS Blames Obamacare For Slowing Tax Processing And Will Fine Tens Of Thousands
  11. Blue Cross Insurance Premium Hikes Over 18% Due To Obamacare
  12. Doctors And Hospitals Going Out Of Business And Refusing Obamacare Patients.
If Thomas Edison had this kind of outcome from his inventions no doubt no one would have ever heard of him.