Bride Swaps Groom For Guest

Groom Jugal Kishore, 25, was about to say 'I Do' when he collapsed in an epileptic seizure and took a ride to a hospital.

The seizure shocked bride, 23-year-old Indira.  Indira wondered why she wasn't told of Jugal's problem before the nuptials?   Her answer?

Replace Jugal with wedding guest Harpal Singh!

Jugal recovered and returned to the wedding expecting to find his fiancĂ© anxiously waiting but found her married instead.  And that's when the curry hit the fan...

When Indira refused to reverse her vows to Harpal, Jugal and his family starting throwing plates and cutlery at Indira's family.  The cops had to break up the brawl.

After some yelling at the police station, the two families worked out their differences and Jugal went home still single.  Indira and Harpal?  They're at the hotel Thiruvananthapuram with a Guess What We Are Doing sign on their door.