Police Versus The Public

The NYPD have pretty much fired mayor Bill De Blasio and for good reason.  De Blasio wasted little time tossing New York's finest under a police van.

Last night police unions and the mayor had a kiss-and-makeup chat. De Blasio remains defiant and unapologetic.  So the cops are slow-rolling now.

Some people say police use too much muscle.  In 2013 there were 660,000 arrests.  Two arrests are causing all the hand-wringing.

SWAT teams wear converted military helmets, bullet proof vests, and ferocious firearms to subdue the extra bad guys.  But why is that a problem?  Don't we want perps cuffed and the police protected?

BulletSafe wants to replace military helmets with ballistic baseball caps.  The caps are lighter, cooler, and look less intimidating.  The company's crowd-funding the idea - so here's your chance to intervene in the battle between police image and police protection, folks.