Obamacare Suicide Watch 2015

The misnomer Affordable Care Act AKA ObamaCare has been in the wild for two years now.

Two seconds after Pelosi puffed no-need-to-read-the-phone-book-sized-screwup SCOTUS likewise failed to read the law and let it stand.

But 2015 is when all the poop hits the fan...

First up on Thursday the Obama delayed ninety-nine or more employee-employer mandate kicks corporate America in the ball-sack.

Also expiring on Thursday are the Obamacare Medicaid payment bonuses paid-out in 2013 and 2014. That was money stolen from Medicare.

Then sometime in May or June SCOTUS gets a second chance to redeem itself when it applies the nifty suicide-bomber Obamacare language affecting 80% of the 6 million that have enrolled who need a subsidy to keep their insurance. The 34 states that didn't set-up an exchange don't owe the money, apparently.

Stay tuned, the train-wreck that is Obamacare is getting a couple of atomic wedgies in 2015 folks.