Woman Pleads 'No Memory' Raping A Man

Chantae Marie Gilman is 28 and has a $100,000 bail nut to crack after being charged with raping a sleeping man after a party.

The 31-year-old 'man' said he went home after attending a neighbors birthday soirĂ©e around 10pm.  By 2 a.m., he opened his eyes and found Gilman squirreling around on top of him, pinning his hands down over his head, according to the charges.

The man told Gillman to get off.  But she allegedly refused commanding him to 'be quiet.'  Gilman told the cops she has 'no memory' of being in the man’s home or having sex with him.  She says she suffers from bipolar disorder and psychosis.

It's the bizarro world folks...that's not my booty on that man's Johnson because I'm psychotic!