School Slaps 'Safety Contract' On 5-Year-Old

The Smoking Monkey weekend award goes to E.R. Dickson school in Alabama.

The knee-jerk jerks at the school forced a 5-year-old little girl to sign a 'Mobile County Public School Safety Contract' in which the child promised to 'not kill or injure herself or others, without her presence or consent [of mom].'

What was the infants crime?  The school says she drew a picture of a gun with a crayon and then pointed the crayon at another child and said 'pew pew.'

The problem for school officials?  Alabama state law disallows a child to enter into a contract.  The school officials also intimidated and coerced the child without her mother present.  If mom is smart, she'll sue the school district and go after the PC horses-asses needing to be fired.

Oh, but not before they're forced to stand in front of the whole school and have the victimized child point her tiny little finger at them and say simply, 'pew pew.'

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