Remote Control Birth Control

Bill Gates wants the world to have better condoms and bullet-proof birth control devices.  Frankly, he's right...

The better mousetrap super-condoms will placate the pesky problem of STD profusion.  Love is cleaner with a wrapped wiener as they say in the trades...

But what about unwanted, unintended, unplanned and unaffordable pregnancy?  The carnage of abortion and the viscous cycle of poverty are results of haphazard and indiscriminate sex.

Gates is placing a bet on a new device being developed at MicroCHIPS of Lexington, MA.  Sixteen years worth of levonorgestrel is implanted in a female's butt or abdomen.  The beauty part is the device has a remote control allowing the 30mg dose to be shut-off without removing the implant.

How would such a device affect abortion and poverty rates?  How about forced implantation in teens?

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