Gender Cops Seize Nebraska Schools

The general assault on traditional family values is underway in schools nationwide.  Even in Nebraska.

School administrators in Lincoln issued '12 easy steps on the way to gender inclusiveness,' step 2: 'Don't use phrases such as ”boys & girls," ”you guys,” ”ladies and gentlemen," and similarly gendered expressions to get kids’ attention.'

So how are the teachers ordered to refer to the kids?  How about, 'Instead say things like ”calling all readers," or ”hey campers" or "could all of the athletes come here."

And more laughably, 'Create classroom names and then ask all of the ”purple penguins" to meet at the rug.'

What's this really about?  Did you guess Tranny Training?  That's right, the kids lose their gender identity because of the alleged and widespread (must be at least 1 in 100 million) incidence of transgender bullying.