Naked Golf Tees Enrages Feminist

Stephanie Davies-Arai, 55, was in a sporting goods store when she saw something that she claims promotes violence against women.  A set of 'Nuddie Tees' distributed by

Stephanie says, 'They are really horrible. I was actually upset. It’s basically saying that knocking the head off a woman is a joke, something that is really funny.'

A spokesman for store says the shop will not stop selling the item which sold 'really well' for the past ten years. Yes, ten years folks.  And in that time there are have been dozens of police reports blaming Nuddie Tees for acts of violence against women, right? Wrong.

And now that Ms Davies-Arals' laughable reaction has gone viral the black and Caucasian colored tees are flying off the shelves...thanks Steph!

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