Hillary's Top Ten Temperament Tells

Yesterday Ben Shapiro, Senior Editor-At-Large of Breitbart News wrote a fun

piece about Hillary Clinton.  The opus reminds us just how different and possibly dangerous Hillary is in real life.
  1. Boozer.  Terry McAuliffe, longtime Clinton pal noted, “She loves to sit, throw ‘em back…She’s a girl from Illinois who likes to throw ‘em down with the rest of us.” 
  2. Over The Hill.  Hillary will be 68 in 2016. She will be old, but what about her health?
  3. Crime.  Hillary has been knee-deep in criminal investigations. She was the only First Lady be subpoenaed and fingerprinted by the FBI.
  4. Saul Alinsky.  Much has been written about Obama's worship of Saul Alinsky, but Obama's adoration pales compared to Hillary's personal relationship with the socialist goon behind 'community organizing.'
  5. Channeling Eleanor.  Bob Woodward wrote in The Choice how Hillary chatted often with the long-dead Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi with seance maven Jean Houston holding her hands.
 Shapiro adds five more, take a look.

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