Gun Greets Guy Pulling Dog Poop From Car

New Mexico Pueblo painter Mateo Romero says a Santa Fe cop pointed a rifle at him while he was cleaning dog poop out of his SUV.

According the police report, the officer pulled out a rifle and detained Romero after neighbor Maria Markus reported a burglary in progress at her home.

Romero says he parked in Markus's driveway because his Shih Tzu - Han Solo took a dump in the car while he was driving past her house. Romero says Markus boxed him in with her car and called 911.

Romero complained that Markus refused to talk to him before police arrived. So there was little he could do except continue to shovel out the hot pile while the cops were apparently en route.

Lesson? When a pet or a kid starts unloading before you get home, keep driving and take care of it in your own driveway. Some neighbors apparently lack the sense of humor necessary to tolerate cock-ah cleanup on their turf.  And the cops are not above poop-profiling people.

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