Graffiti Tagger Fries On Third Rail Of NYC Subway

The word 'graffiti' comes from the Italian word graffiato ('scratched').

Graffiti bandits 'tag' freeway sound walls, railroad boxcars, white delivery trucks and the tiled surfaces inside the once pristine walls and cars of the New York subway system.  They cost taxpayers billions.

Jason Wulf, 42, was probably 'tagging' just before 10pm at the 25th Street Station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn when it happened. The Queens-based graffiti goon was found dead on the tracks at the station after being electrocuted by the third rail.

Though some say the notorious defacer was a hero the truth is Jason was an obsessed ego-maniac who had no real self-worth. Wulf had been arrested 13 times since 2008, including this past February for criminal mischief, graffiti and trespassing,

Wouldn't it be a hoot if someone emptied a can of contractor orange on his headstone?  Where's that funeral service again?

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