Drunk Driver Says Dog Was Driving

The place: Quickie Mart, Oconee County, GA.
The crime: Hot dog.
The suspect: 60-year-old, Wesley Mark Terrell.

The cops got a call about a canine locked in a car in front of a fast food joint on a 100 degree day in sweat hog Georgia. Sheriff Sgt. Partain says the inside temperature of the car was indeed over 123 degrees. 

After locating the car's owner Wesley Mark Terrell, officer Partain couldn't avoid Wesley's forceful feculent breath wreaking like the floor of a post apocalyptic frat house party.

How sauced-up was Wesley?  Well the curmudgeon told the cop his overheated dog drove him to the store to buy some corn.

Unconvinced, Partain arrested Terrell and he was later charged with Animal Cruelty and DUI.

The dog was turned over to Animal Control too cool down.  And Terrell?  He's training a cat how to drive now.

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