Rumble: Clinton .v. Christie

Chris Christie wants voters to forget about his weight.  So the big man had his colon shortened and shed 100 pounds. Now he's ready for a fight.

Maybe Chris read the study from the Journal Equality, Diversity and Inclusion which found "that a candidate’s chances of winning can be slimmed down because of superficial biases such as weight, ultimately affecting election outcomes.' And that 'obese men and women are less likely" to even get on the ballot.

So slimming and gyming greet the candidates who want to win.

Hillary's fun, fanciable triple whammy - scandal, age and fat seem to have her in a corner.  The Hun will be 69 in 2016.  And she'll be sporting hips already exceeding the capacity of most conference room chairs.

Lest ye not forget Hillary knows where the bacon gets fried when it comes to daring anyone to diss her for her hips, age or scandals.  The Clinton's no doubt learned from Obama and his use of the race card.