United Passenger: 'I Kill White People...'

Lashonda Lee Williams, 43, allegedly threatening K. Colleen Coult, 50, sitting next to her on a flight from Nashville to Houston, ‘I kill white people like you.'

Apparently Lashonda had her cell phone on during the flight and Ms. Coult asked her politely to turn it off.   Rather than comply as instructed by the flight crew and alleviate concerns by other passengers, Lashonda chose the death race route instead.

According to a flight attendant, Lashonda's threats were serious enough to scare everyone onboard. So the flight had to turn around and return to the gates at Nashville.

Lashonda was booked on assault charges.  Usually a death threat on a commerical passenger jet gets a terrorism charge.  Oh yea, Lashonda is black and her death threat was against a white woman. So simple assault it is, folks.