Paraplegic's Penis Plight

Canada has socialized medicine.  But you can still sue for malpractice if you end up with a short end on your stick.

A paraplegic man from Repentingy, Quebec, wants $142,000 from Le Gardeur Hospital for leaving him with a one-inch shorter penis and a divorce.

The sad sack said he was injured having sex with his wife. He alleges a urologist diagnosed a “minor trauma” and sent him home.

The man says he and his wife struggled to have sex for several weeks before he went back and was finally diagnosed with a fractured penis. The surgery left him with a large scar and an inch shorter member.

Apparently his wife felt short-changed too, and split.

If he gets the money the Angle assumes he'll either find a new wife not looking for length, or get fitted with a plastic prosthetic penis and point it at the princesses.

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