Guy Gets Slammer Peeing On The Alamo

Daniel Athens is a bonehead who will be spending every day for the next year and a half in a Texas State Jail (you don't get time off for kissing anyone's ass in state jail).

His crime?  Peeing on the Alamo.

The Alamo is technically a pile of crumbling limestone.  Except for withstanding car exhaust, the ferocious Texas sun, the ravages of time, wind, humidity, rain and people pawing at the structure urine is just about the worst thing the old walls should have to endure.  Pee is lousy with uranic acid, salt and a lot of other crud.

Pissing on the Alamo is not just destructive, it's sacrilegious, scurrilous, pecksniffian, putrefying and just plain wrong.  And wobbling drunk Andy Athens is paying big for perpetrating his pee.

Athens got six months shy of the standard sentence because the dickweed had an older charge that capped any sentence to eighteen-months.

The Alamo of course is irreplaceable, historic and fragile.  So that makes it an apparent public urinator's target in some twisted way.  Ozzie Osborne pulled out his pecker and sprayed the mission erected in 1718 back in 1982.  Ozzie got a lifetime ban from the city of San Antonio for that stunt.  But Ozzie cut a deal with the town ten years later, paid $10,000 to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas and got back in for a concert.

Oh yea, Danny also gets to pay $4,000 needed for the repairs - but the stain is still gonna leave a scar.  And let's face it who the hell cares about Danny Athens anyway?