Death In A Port-A-Potty

The winter is still lingering for some.  In fact, the cold was so extreme the Great Lakes froze over entirely for the first time in centuries.  And the ice won't be fully melted before next year's onslaught arrives.

Many died, many more tested, a few broken.  But one guy didn't even make it to January.

An elderly man who was found frozen to death inside a portable toilet near a municipal boat launch outside Detroit's city limits was so badly decomposed authorities suspect he had been sitting there for at least five months.

The cops theorize the hapless victim was using the toilet as a way to defend against the stalking cold. Apparently the boating facility had been closed since last October and that's about when they think the guy took up residency in the toilet.

In any normal winter the idea may have worked out, but not during the once in a century winter of 2013-2014.   Looks like locking portable toilets and praying for global warming may be called for now.