Bill Maher: Democrats Are 'Obnoxious...PC Nazis'

Bill Maher unwittingly zapped his own this time.  And that's just a peachy-keene, thank-you very much kinda high-five hand-slap.

Maher thinks he's a satirist, but in reality he's just a turd on a cable show. Always straining to twist a knife into the back of his chosen enemy - the Republicans and Christians, we find Maher stepping on his own penis, instead.

Last Friday Maher contended Republicans only win elections by cheating. And oh yea, by tapping into people's 'hate' of 'obnoxious' liberals who are 'political correctness Nazis.'

While attempting to depict Republicans as inept players, Maher instead stumbled into a perfect indictment of liberals. Why would he do that? Because Maher is a liberal with an unconscious need to confess. That's right, Maher himself is an obnoxious, politically correct Nazi.

Maher is right, liberals are fascists oppressors employing Political Correctness in a Gestapo-like fashion in order to kill debate and corner those who disagree with them.

Don't believe it? Take a look at the Bundy and Sterling race outrage this week. The PC lynch mob is out with cap guns on hips and in full posse formation.