Trayvon Defender Donna Edwards Bombs DC Press Dinner

The Congressional Black Caucus are the primary water carriers on the plantation the Democrats have setup to keep willing idiots in the black community on the grounds and voting for white Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton.

Donna Edwards is a water bucket tender and member of the Black Caucus. She was last seen on FoxNews Sunday just after the George Zimmerman verdict calling for action to change state laws to 'make sure that all of our young Trayvons have justice.'

Donna was invited to speak at the Washington Press Dinner last week and delivered what is now being called the 'most painful' speech yet seen in decades.  What did she say?

Edwards first played a home video in which she pretended to be John Boehner's mistress.  She followed the goofy video with a speech written by The Daily Show, Lizz Winstead. The Winstead piece was supposed to take a stab at Mike Huckabee who characterized Democrat's view of woman as big government 'Uncle Sugar' aiding women to control their libidos. To wit, Edward's snot-bubble retort, “Come on, help me y’all: I want to give a really special shout out to Nancy Pelosi and all my sisters in the libido caucus--holla’!”

In the end, the excruciating tirade did little more than prove Donna is pretty pissed-off over just about anything a Republican might utter.

One reporter said, “I think everyone in that room wanted to drag their fingernails across their face.” Another guessed, “You can confidently say the urinals in the mens’ bathroom was full.”

Looks like justice for Trayvon is gonna have to wait for some other misguided angry black woman to jump up and give a horrific speech at a press dinner.  Donna, you're fired!.

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