French Railroad Holocaust Past Catches Up

Maryland wants bidders on their $6 billion buck light rail project. But it doesn't want the French state owned railroad SNFC to try.  Why?

Because the unrepentant company hauled holocaust victims to their deaths and to this day refuses to compensate families or apologize.

Some 50,000 Marylanders signed a petition demanding the railroad with the dirty past not participate.  Maryland state senator Joan Carter Conway told Le Monde: ‘The persistent refusal of SNCF to take responsibility for its role in the Holocaust remains an insult to its victims.’

Alain Leray, head of SNCF in America whines about ‘possible discrimination’. Leray insists his company has a right to operate in the USA. Sorta like when SNCF did business with the Nazis, right Alain?

Oh, for the record? Over 70,000 French Jews were rounded up by French cops and herded onto SNCF trains for their final ride to the death camps.

Sure scores of other German companies and plenty of Italian companies are likewise tainted with the same Holocaust past, but so what?  Not every drunk driver gets caught either.  Doesn't mean the ones we do catch shouldn't pay the penalty.