Science: 3D Scans Reveal Proper Hamburger Grip

Well, it's about time science solved the life pressing problem of how best to hold a hamburger.  The conundrum has baffled burger biters since Fletcher Davis of Athens, Texas conjured up his self-described 'burgers' at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1880.

So what's the answer?  Two fisted or one, five fingered or ten, squeezed, squashed, gnawed or nibbled burger aficionados need to know.

Using 3D scanners and a sophisticated computer model three researchers – experts in mechanics, engineering, and dentistry – spent four months cracking the quandary.

The solution turned out to be a two handed thumbs back, three fingered front little fingers bottom grasp.   The technique is said to control spillage, squirting, pickle pooping and bun bruising avoiding the dreaded paws on patty syndrome.

Oh, and the team advises 'warming' the mouth muscles. The exercise will help avoid under-shooting the first bite and risking a catsup squirt on your lap or glasses. 

History Of Hamburgers