Obama: ObamaCare Job Losses Are 'Opportunity'

Shock!  The CBO report released yesterday confirms the long held suspicion that ObamaCare is killing full-time jobs and adding trillions to the national debt.

The errant law puts a limit on the number of hours an employee can work and still avoid being sucked into the dreaded ID stealing, cost doubling, doctor shortage making, abortion funding exchanges.

The CBO says ObamaCare injects a disincentive to work by offering subsidized reasons to stay home.

The Obama goons had advanced warning of the report and cooked up probably the most absurd, astoundingly patronizing, laughable spin in politics. Even for a WH that specializes in twisting reality.

The idea is to paint job losses as an 'unemployment opportunity.'  Harry Reid says quitting or losing your full-time job makes you a 'free agent.'

According to Obama, Obamacare frees Americans who are all 'trapped in a job.'  Yikes!

Liberal lames love to launder.  Remember, cold is warm for these idiots too - no matter what the climate does, it's still a catastrophe of man-made doings.  So why not call a job loss a gain?  It's not a lie if you believe it yourself, right Harry?

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