Hairy Women Freed At Last

Hairy women have it hard.  The mono-brows and the sasquates spend hair-raising hours plucking, waxing, threading, epilating and lasering the turvy tufts of vibrisa and a lot of the longer stuff too.

Is there hope for the piliferous? Maybe.

One woman with Greek parents thinks she has it all down.  Anna McGee has spent 30 years trying every creme, lotion, tool, and trance promising much and producing little.  So she set out on her own.

Anna wants whiskered women worldwide to check their cheeks, chins, nostrils, upper lips, underarms, forearms, legs, backs, stomachs, toes, fingers, and bikini lines one last time and give her ideas a try. 

No guarantees, but hey, it's free advise and we all know what that's worth - right?.

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