9th Circuit Bans Stars And Stripes In Schools

Did you think you'd live long enough to see the American Flag banned from public school campuses?

Remember left-wing radicals in the 60s burning the flag?  Remember the flag sewn onto asses and dragged thru the mud and trampled in public?

The courts said it was cool because it was protected speech.  The flag symbolizes the sacrifice of millions in defense of freedom and that same freedom allows anyone to desecrate the flag itself.  Ironic huh?.

Now fast forward to the Obama era.   A high school in Gilroy, CA saw tensions rise as a group of 'white' kids began to wear shirts with the US flag on them, and a counter group of 'Latino' kids started parading the Mexican flag in protest. Oh, and yes...the 'Latino' kids had a fun afternoon of flag burning too.

The courts are supposed to protect the speaker and arrest the thugs threatening free speech, not suppress the speaker’s speech. But the 9th circuit has once again sided with the thugs that hate the country.  They banned the US flag from public school campuses.

Of course the ruling won't stand. SCOTUS has more than enough 1st amendment case law to uphold wearing the flag on a tee-shirt. But it's grim to witness once again a band of country haters win.  And once again thanks to American citizens sitting on a federal bench.