Sex Raises IQ

New research shows sex makes you smarter and improves memory.  Damn it!

But does that mean prostitutes are suddenly able to solve string theory equations and recite the entire IRS code from memory?  No.

But if true, it's like finding out chocolate cake and beer are as good for you as vegetables and high fiber grains.

Researchers at the University of Maryland got a bunch of rats to roll around in the lab then took them apart and weighed their brains.  Yea, like it was tough to get rats to mount each other.

Alas, blowing-up the brain requires actually having a lot of sex.

Apparently people already endowed with high IQs dabble less in the carnal arts than people with average IQs.  Somehow dummies must sense the deficit and indulge to catch up.

Just making more brain cells isn't enough, though. Ya gotta use the new cells - that is, ya gotta get off your rear and fill the cells with information like a new skill or tear into a new hobby like high energy physics.

And that makes it a full-circle-jerk doesn't it folks?  The good news is doing something free and fun leads to bigger brains, the bad news (as usual there's always bad news), requires hard post-coital work to take advantage of the sexual side-effect.