Muslim Women Don't Wear Makeup

Because what good is makeup when ya gotta wear a head-to-toe bedspread anyway?

A University of Michigan survey of seven Muslim countries - Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey revealed a range of attitudes regarding women's fashion.

Most countries want women to cover their hair with a traditional hijab, al-Amira or head scarf rather than cover their entire face with a full Burqa or Niqab.

But Lebanon and Turkey were fine with women letting their heads and face go naked - a kind of liberation for them. Iraq, Egypt and especially Saudi Arabia are still stuck in the 5th century freaking at anything more than a set of eerie eyes peering out a slit.

So unless you wanna look like cousin 'it' from the Adams family ladies while in Saudi Arabia or Iraq get fitted for the Burqa and maybe even bring a Niqab as a backup.

Or maybe just glue on a loud pink thong and a string top and jump into a pool in Florida instead.  And wait two weeks for Iran's nuclear bomb.