Skin Cancer Cure Discovered

A full cure for the most deadly and common cancers -  skin?  Yes.

Even in early trials 1 in 6 patients are already being cured by the drugs. The treatment holds the possibility of more than half being saved in the near future.

The breakthrough comes from mixing two different drugs formerly used with limited results but together produce a much higher and more pronounced full-tilt 'cure.'

Ipilimumab – or ‘ipi’ has had a 17% cure rate. By combining Ipilimumab with drugs called anti-PD1s the 50% plus cure rate is suddenly achieved.

Prof Eggermont of Institut Gustave Roussy in France says the new immunotherapy drugs will also be adopted ‘across the board’ to successfully treat a wide range of other advanced ‘solid tumor’ cancers like those found in lungs and kidneys.

Eggermont notes: ‘These drugs are going to help a large number of people. It’s a massive deal. Reports from trials with patients who have advanced kidney and lung cancer are very exciting.’

Pretty cool huh? Now all that needs to be done is get the FDA out of the way.