Scrotum Handbag Hits High Fashion

Once a week the Angle brings you a 'solution looking for a problem' story.  This week it's the Scrotal Handbag by fashion designer Andy Bates.

At first blush it's obvious these gonadie goodies stun the senses with the striking look and feel of high quality and funky fun.  Then you look closer.

The hand-made hand-bags make no pretense about what they are - giant scrotum cases with a leather strap and bell on one side mimicking a penis.

The ball-busting bags also sport a knotted protruding hole on the reverse side which has no apparent purpose other than to mimic the other portal in the male anatomy.

The guy behind the aberration is just as you might expect. Meet customer Grayson Perry, a cross-dressing English artist with a large collection of ceramic vases depicting child abuse and sado-masochism. You listening Scotland Yard?

So the 'purse' is for a gargoyle of a guy. A dude whose destiny is an eventual home filled with fiery fun and full of fashion befitting a man who obviously lost his way a long, long time ago.

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