Giant Handgun Mailbox Okay'd By Postmaster

New Jersey resident Roger Buchko, 49, created a 20 foot long, 5 foot high replica of his Smith & Wesson 29 Classic .44 Magnum revolver.  The giant handgun is pointed at the street with his mailbox mounted in the barrel.

A semi-retired cabinet maker, the gun took four months working fulltime to make.

The ammo-chamber of the handgun actually revolves like the real thing, for some reason.  But it's okay.  Before installing the mailbox Buchko made sure he would still get his mail.

'I don't see a problem with it,' said Postmaster Melody Baylis.  'As long as it accommodates the size of the mail he receives, it's not a problem.'

Wonder if George Zimmerman is gonna get one? 

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