'GhettoTracker.com' Ripped As Racist

Remember National Lampoon's Vacation when 'Clark Griswold' played by Chevy Chase takes a wrong exit near St. Louis and ends up rolling into the part of town where gunshots are routine?

Well, now there's a website that wants to help. At first they had the domain name GhettoTracker.com but predictably the site's creators were attacked by the race gorillas from Huffington post and NAACP. So the site name was changed to GoodPartOfTown.com.

But that's still not good enough for those looking for racists under every rock and on every website. So now the site is sort-of a meandering list of commentary with no graphics and no theme - a webghost.

The original idea was benign of course. Ghetto Tracker allowed users to rate an area's safety. Using those ratings, the site would dub the poorly rated neighborhoods 'GHETTO' in bold red. But in the era of Obama, race hate matters, especially when uttering one of the twenty-dozen words the race-hustlers own.

Of course there's nothing wrong with helping people avoid trouble. And lets face it folks, trouble can most assuredly be found in places like Detroit, Chicago, East LA, and if you wanna get shot by a white guy, maybe even parts of Sacramento, CA.

Just can't have the service now, not while black racists are running the show, and white-guilters are getting brownie points for acting like fascist-horses-asses parroting each other.

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