Colorado Recall Forces To Repeal Gun Laws

Hero citizens in Colorado succeeded in unseating the two most reprehensible law makers to arrogantly violate citizen gun rights.  Now they're back to collect the rest of the menaces left in the legislature.

The founders of Basic Freedom Defense Fund (BFDF) and Pueblo Freedom &who  took out the unrepentant John Morse and Angela Giron sent a letter to the remaining law makers in Denver:

1. Will you vote for a repeal of Colorado's unconstitutional new gun laws in the 2014 legislative session?
2. Would you support a ballot initiative which would repeal the new gun laws?

BFDF spokeswoman Jennifer Kerns says no one is immune from the will of the people.  It's a hoot to see how many of the white-knuckled anti-gun liberal goons will see the bold writing on the wall and pay credence to it - that is before they too get a swift kick in the ass and put back put out onto the streets.

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