Abortion Clinics Closing At Record Rate

The Huffington Post is freaking out over what they call a 'dramatic toll' new pro-life laws are taking on abortion clinics.  And Arizona is happily way out in front.

Over 44 abortion clinics, most run by Planned Parenthood have shuttered so far this year. 

NOVA Women's Healthcare in Fairfax, Va., shut down after new regulations couldn't be met by the largest baby killing facility in the state.

Pro-lifers are guardedly happy and pro-abortion goons are predictably tense. So what's going on?

Three reasons may explain why:

  1. State regulation are getting more strict exposing sloppy practices;
  2. Pro-lifers are growing in ranks as more people oppose the carnage
  3. Abortion rates are in decline - the reasons why are still unknown
Whatever the reasons the war is far from over.  Abortion is the black death of our age, and as that pestilence devastated half the population of Europe, it still took centuries to recover. And so it may be with Abortion.