Video: Black Kids Attack White Toddler Girl

A group of black 5-year old kids bullied a white toddler neighbor girl to the point of tears. 

The taunting was not just kids being kids, it was filled with snotty race talk. 

It's an example of black aggression and race-hate being taught to black kids at a young age. And it's running hot in the gangs and among black teens who are killing each other and killing white people 'for fun.'

The cameraman (a 12 year old black boy) uploaded the video he entitled,  'When white people piss black people off ' onto Facebook.

Why now?  Obama.  Obama has set this tone and launched the current era of race-hate.  He ran on race in 2008 and he hired the worst racist to ever run the DOJ, Eric Holder.  The irony of course is Obama hasn't helped blacks overcome their problems - in fact Blacks are worse off now than they were before Obama took over.

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