Obama Hires Social Anthropologist To Run EPA

Under Obama the EPA has become even more radical and absurd than when it was run by Carol Browner the disgraced EPA administrator Bill 'blowjob' Clinton hired.  Fired from EPA, Browner resurfaced as Obama's 'Climate Czar!'

So Obama isn't just an incompetent president, he's also forcefully hiring and backing the radicals crawling around in the 'climate change' cult.

Who's the current clown recruited to run the agency hellbent on further destruction of Obama's piddling economy?  Gina McCarthy.  What qualifies her?   McCarthy is a chop-white-haired fussbudget grad of a Boston University with a degree in social anthropology!

McCarthy's animal behavior and women’s studies background did the trick for Obama.

Grannie Gina contends, “The study of primitive culture was the best education I could have for working in government.” Oddly, the Angle sees her point, the government is run by animals and primitive minds, and the Obama regime is thick with such mouth breathers.

Two days on the job and the garrulous and growling EPA boss is already spitting on logic, 'stop talking about environmental regulations killing jobs.' But why Gina? That's PRECISELY the point, laughing.

The existence of the EPA is bad enough, but to have it run by a succession of born-again Global Warming cultists is why the agency needs to be dissolved.  Remember, these train-wrecks are all part of the plan, folks.

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