Nurse Rents Breasts To Gay Couples

Remember the wet nurse?  In the 'olden days' there were slaves who breast fed the 'masters' kids till they were in their teens.  Often these same slave women breast fed other slave kids keeping mom in the fields.

There are still slaves in the world.  But in the West the wet nurse has fallen into disfavor.  One enterprising and fat-breasted French woman has decided to open up her milky store for gay couples.

On the French e-loue website user 'cecilia232' posted, 'I am a young mother in good health, a trained nurse aged 29, and I am renting my breasts to suckle newborns. In one day, I can offer your baby up to a dozen me through this site - those who are not serious should stay away.'

Cecilia232 is charging $135 for a full day of feeding, or $665 for a week's worth of suckling.

Why is this newsworthy? Because it 'feeds' the frenzy in France over recent legalization of gay marriage and what will obviously be a problem to solve once gay couples start generating progeny.

Plus it's a chance to mention breasts again - ooolala.

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