Nevada AFL-CIO Slaps Harry Reid Abandons Obamacare

Remember the SEIU, AFL-CIO, NEA, AFT and ACORN pushing Obamacare and electing Obama?

Since the big unions are losing their exemptions they suddenly have buyers remorse. 

The Nevada AFL-CIO unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday condemning Obamacare (ACA).

"The unintended consequences of the ACA [Affordable Care Act] will lead to the destruction of the 40 hour work week, higher taxes and force union members onto more costly plans," said the resolution.

Harry Reid tried to stop the union vote by admonishing members and accusing them of  "exaggerating" the damage Obamacare will do to union workers.  Harry cornered union leader, D. Taylor of UNITE Here, and told him to "just calm down and stop frightening people."

Even WaPo's liberal goon and Obama apologizer Ezra Klein conceded Obamacare is "going to make a lot of people who get good employer-based benefits really unhappy—including some of the law’s supporters, like labor unions."

The irony?  Unions are bleeding members because Obamacare wiped out their Cadillac health plans.  And union guys are getting fired and turning into part-time workers thanks to Obamacare.  Isn't that a hoot?

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