Judge Rules No First Name 'Messiah'

Who would name their kid 'Messiah?'

Jaleesa Martin and her baby-daddy were fighting over what to name their toddler boy.  They couldn't agree on the name but they did agree to go to court and have a judge figure it out.

Oh, the story doesn't say if Jaleesa and dad are married.  Still the two couldn't agree what last name little Messiah should carry.

The Angle asks what stake the guy has in the boy's name if mommy Jaleesa is single.

So for now, let's assume they're married, and Jaleesa doesn't want daddy's surname 'McCullough' on little Messiah's birth certificate.

Jaleesa did pondered the notion to name the little guy 'Jesus' but for some reason decided the moniker sounded too 'religious.' Ultimately she settled on Messiah DeShawn Martin.

 Jaleesa has two other kids named Micah and Mason. It's unclear what Micah and Mason's last names are, but since the fight is over Messiah let's assume the other two kids have a different daddy and Jaleesa is into alliteration in baby names.

Child support magistrate Lu Ann Ballew didn't hand down a decision Jaleesa expected. You see, the story is not about Jaleesa and her brood of oddly named kids, oh no no. The magistrate ordered the little boy's name changed to Martin DeShawn McCullough.

The judge says she was also concerned about religion and told the shocked mom the name 'Messiah' would get the kid into trouble in the Christian dominated community. Jaleesa apparently would have been better off going for her first choice - Jesus.

So Jaleesa is none to happy, of course, and now has a son with a different first name AND a different last name.  The lesson she learned getting the 'government' involved.

Wonder who's paying for all these kids and their odd and different first and last names?  Any guesses?