Cut Rate Abortion Sunday Special

Abortion on demand is the result of anti-life weenies taking abortion to extremes.  The concept is really no different than infanticide, but liberals like to invent dubious double-speak to hide from detractors.  So killing kids in the womb is softened and excused as 'a woman's right to choose.'

The Orlando Woman’s Center was shut down in June because the guy running it, Dr. James Pendergraft has had his medical license pulled five times.  Pendergraft is undeterred even after all the gear in his clinic was siezed.  He quickly reopened ready to take victims at an even lower price and at an even higher pace.  

The Orlando butcher shop is offering $50 discount coupons but only if you get your abortion on a Sunday.  Apparently Sunday's are slow.

Pendergraft and his pro-abortion pals both say,‘I've done nothing that I thought was inappropriate, illegal, immoral or wrong.’

Oh, the goof is appropriate, legal, moral and right. Nevermind.