Gun Store Gives Free Handgun For Most Prarie Dogs Shot

Do animals have the same rights as humans?  Agreed, some people are lower than a cockroach, all animal rights weenies for example.

To be an animal rights toadie one must hate people with passion and malice.  Hatred of humankind and a grand sense of hypocrisy are at the core psyche of the animal defenders feeble mentality.

Recognize some of these names?  Peta, Animal Liberation Brigade, Animal Welfare Defense League, Social Workers For Animals, Last Chance For Animals, In Defense Of Animals to name just a few.

But enough about the animal rights animals, lets talk about why they are all pissed off once again today.

Gunhawk Firearms in New Mexico is holding a week-long prairie dog hunt constest. The hunter who brings in the most prarie dog tails wins a Smith and Wesson M&P 15/22.

Animal rights groups are lining up and hopping-assed outraged of course.

Prairie dogs are rodents.  When prairie dogs take-over an area, vegetation disappears, complex tunnels are dug and the land collapses and erodes.  Controlling their numbers is critical to land use and cultivation.

But hey, animal rights activists don't care - they eat tofu and drink green tea - both of which are GROWN on land prairie dogs destroy.